Control Biting Flies —Is your barn and stable ready for Spring?

It’s spring and that means the biting flies are emerging from their pupa cases and hungry for a blood meal. Are your barn and stable ready for spring? They can be with a simple solution. The Fly Cage helps cut down on horse flies and other biting flies that pester animals and handlers alike.

Green Technology Rescues Horse and Rider

We are all concerned about the use of toxic chemicals. They are too risky to use around stock and where family, children, hired help, and pets may come into contact with them. Not only do they pose a health risk, one has to wonder if they are an effective way to control biting insects.

The whole emphasis on toxins is that the insect has to come into contact with them in order for them to work. Horse flies and other biting flies use a much more complex system of finding food. They are visual hunters. They use color and movement to locate prey.

Not only can they see you, they can track your movement. That is why biting flies are so successful at finding victims. Their compound eyes are the real issue. They hunt by seeking darker colors and movement. This is also why the Fly Cage works effectively. It offers the right color tones to attract biting flies and has a movement that draws them in faster. Their path to you, your horse, pets, and children is a direct one. Because biting flies feed on blood, they seek out our warm bodies like a heat seeking missile. Warm bodies mean blood and the female horse fly needs blood to produce eggs. The males do not feed on blood. Spring is a prime time for biting flies to mate and that is why they are such pests as soon as the weather grows warm. This is also why toxins do not really work to control biting flies.

To Control Biting Flies, Requires That You Understand Them

Biting flies breed in wet areas. Unlike some insects, such as dragonflies, they do not lay their eggs in water. So treating water is both an environmental issue and added cost that is not effective. You still have biting flies such as:

  • Horse Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • Green Heads
  • Yellow Flies

Toxins are not effective and they pose health risks to humans and animals. What does work to control biting flies is the Fly Cage. You can use green technology to control their populations. Remember how their vision works to locate color and movement? Well, the fly trap uses that information to attract biting flies. They fly in and they don’t fly out again. No toxins. No huge cost to treat the water. Just a simple Fly Cage that makes spring a little more enjoyable.