About Us

My name is Tom Pray and I have a Bachelor’s degree in entomology from University New Hampshire, and I am a 27 year pest control veteran, public speaker, owner of Ecotech Pest Control Services with over 1000 clients and the inventor of the patented Fly Cage.

The Fly Cage is a green technology that has been tested and proven to catch and remove a wide variety of unwanted biting flies without using chemicals or pesticides.

The Fly Cage was designed to capture and eliminate many biting flies including:

• Horse Flies
• Deer Flies
• Green Heads
• Yellow

About Tom Pray

I have been a pest control specialist for all of my adult life. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Entomology from the University of New Hampshire, and I hold a supervisory license for pesticide application in both Maine and New Hampshire.

I have worked for both small private companies, and large national chains, which provided me with the experience of truly learning what works, and possibly more valuable, what does not work in the elimination of unwanted and even dangerous insects.

For the last 13 years I am the proud owner and president of Ecotech Pest Control Services, which is a premier pest control company in the north east. Ecotech has over a thousand regular customers to date that I serve year round and my business continues to grow.

I feel strongly about devoting time to public speaking with community based organizations and other groups on subjects such as tick control through a combination of both chemical and “green” treatments that are safe and effective, as well as ways to manage the natural environment that decrease and prevent any unwanted pest problem from developing.

I also frequently speak at elementary schools and I can’t resist bringing my “bug collection” whenever they call and it’s time to go over insects.

How I Learned about Biting Flies and Discovered the Only Effective Way to Eliminate Them

My early career experience was working in Mosquito control Programs for entire municipalities. One such program was for the New Hampshire Seacoast that included a target area of seven communities extending right to the border of Maine.

These programs were aimed at controlling the Mosquito populations that make enjoying outdoors uncomfortable, and to prevent the potential spread of fatal disease.

The programs also manage the growth in populations of the biting flies-Tabanus nigrovittatus , commonly known as “Greenheads”. This is achieved through many man hours spent building and then setting out wooden box traps in Salt Marshland areas that catch the flies.

After starting my own business serving homeowners of these same areas I was asked time and again, “ how do you get rid of them?”.

The end result was the same every time I answered the question. The customer just tuned out because it was too much work and expensive.

I’ve combined a unique blend of scientific based knowledge and personal experience into my work through years of practicing Integrated Pest Management, known as IPM. IPM involves identifying a pest and understanding it’s behavior, then managing the environment to resolve, reduce, or prevent a problem from developing.

The beauty of this method is that it radically reduces the amount and sometimes all together, the need for chemical application. Coming up with “green solution” was very important to me, and led to creating the Fly Cage.

The Fly Cage is a tested and proven innovation that is easily assembled in under 5 minutes, and eliminates many types of biting flies. It’s also inexpensive and provides instant results in controlling many species of biting flies.

For more questions, email mike at mike@mibru.com, or call 650-567-0061 X304