Deer Fly and Infra Read – It’s How They Hunt You

Horse flies are highly successful predators. Their accuracy is nearly perfect. In fact, You cannot hide from them because they use infrared vision to track you down. If you are wondering why they always seem on to you, it is your body heat and it makes you a target.

Biting flies – horse fly and deer fly – begin to torment everything that is large and warm-blooded from cows and deer to elk and humans starting mid-May or early June. They don’t do the cold season else people would likely not live in humid places. Once they emerge, you are fair game and the hotter you are, the brighter you shine in the infrared spectrum. We are talking fighter jet missile lock, and you are the target. Go ahead and run. It won’t do you any good. Deer flies can reach speeds of 25 MPH.

People have tried many ways to get rid of horseflies, but they have not been successful. That is until we begin to understand how they hunt and their behaviors. Not all flies are the same, and for many decades we have approached the control of the deer fly as though they were like every other type of fly. Wrong!

The Dreaded Horse Fly

A fly is a fly … or is it? When it comes to horse flies they are something very different. In fact, the entire order of Diptera is odd. Dipterans are flies and the families of each type of fly target different things. For example, hoverflies are small bee mimics that are highly beneficial pollinators. Flesh flies, such as house flies eat dead things. Horse flies – well the female – needs red blood. When you compare butterflies, which are not flies to dipterans you begin to see how specialized flies really are. Most, if not all butterflies are pollen and nectar eaters. The point here is that horse flies evolution is such that you, your dog, livestock, wildlife, and any other creature with warm blood is prey to a horsefly.

Relentless Beasts

Successful predators have many tools by which they locate, track, and hunt their prey. Doesn’t that just make you feel vulnerable? Horsefly and Deerfly are relentless in their quest to drink warm blood. The females need that power shot of protein to finish their reproductive cycle. Yes, your blood is helping to fuel another generation of those biting beasts.

The only way to successfully deal with biting flies is to use their own tools against them. That is what happens with the Fly Cage. It uses their drive to feed on large, warm-blooded creatures and infrared technology to draw them in to feed and then it traps them.

One of their physiological weaknesses is that flies fly upwards to take off and to escape. The Fly Cage uses a special orb that heats up and glows in the infrared spectrum. It acts as a beacon for biting flies who fly to the orb to feed. What they discover is that they cannot feed because the orb has no blood.

These are not thinking organisms in the way that other creatures think. They do not have the ability to reason. They are 100 percent reactionary. They register a large, glowing mass in the infrared spectrum, and they associate that with food. Big cow – food. Big deer – food. All those cattle – buffet. The Fly Cage is really good at duping biting flies and once they land on the orb they can only fly upwards. That is the trap. They land and try to feed and they fly upwards into the trap. Say goodbye. Once they hit the orb, it is Game over.

If you are sick of biting, painful welts and the big bleeding mess from the predatory horse fly and deer fly, then the solution is to use their behaviors against them.