Fly Cage – How to Stop Flies from Biting My Dog?

Biting flies are not only an annoying pest, they are down right painful. So how do we protect man’s best friend from the painful bite of deer and horse flies? We have been asking a similar question for generations – how do we protect ourselves from biting flies? The answers that we have come up with were not sufficient.

Getting Rid of Biting Flies like Green Heads
For a long while, we thought deer flies and horse flies were like mosquitoes because they breed in the same environment. So we used pesticides to poison them. We were wrong. Their life cycles are very different. Our use of pesticides did not affect the biting fly larva or the adults at all. We’ve tried tricks to keep them from pestering livestock and pets. Most of those tricks have failed.

Towards the end of each Spring and into the early part of summer, biting flies remind us of those failures. We go about our business only to feel the nasty bite of a fly that drinks our blood and flies away faster than we can swat it. It is the same with our livestock and with our dogs. They suffer and we suffer under those twin blades of pain. It seems hopeless. That is until lately. There is a new weapon that takes down biting flies. It is an effective way to rid our property of these painful pests. It is a fly trap that is smartly designed and deadly to biting flies. It does not use pesticides. It does not cause an environmental hardship. What it does is it draws them in and then trap them.

A Biting Fly Trap that Works
There are many fly traps on the market. Some of them are utterly useless. A few show promise. The Fly Cage is different. It takes into account the very nature of biting flies and that is why it is effective. Biting flies hunt primarily by sight. If you consider what they prey on, it is animals that are usually large, brown, and have thinly haired underbellies. The Fly Cage is a stationary trap that is large, mimics the look of a large animal and is movable.

Biting flies require moist soil. That is where they live when they are larvae. They live in the damp soil around rivers, swamps, and estuaries. When the larvae emerge as adults, they fly around in those areas looking for food. It is the females that bite because they need warm blood to complete their breeding cycle.

To effectively keep biting flies from pestering your dog, livestock or even yourself, you need an effective trap. It must take their habits and physical needs into consideration. That is exactly what the Fly Cage does. It tricks them into thinking that they have easy prey, but it is the biting fly that becomes the prey. The Fly Cage looks like a herd animal and has a black lure underneath it. That is what attracts biting flies to their underbelly. They hunt mostly by site and the Fly Cage fools them and then kills them.

If you want to protect your dog from the pestering and painful biting fly, you need an effective trap – the Fly Cage.